What is area rug cleaning?

Posted on March 01 2020

What is area rug cleaning?

Area rugs can range from inexpensive pieces to simply cover a small space or to expensive purchases which can help you re imagine your living room or bedroom!

They come in many textures and colors and every material needs to be taken care of in different ways!

Area rugs light up your room and enhance your decor! Taking care of them should be easy! 

Learn the steps to clean your area rug and which professionals do it best below!

Area rugs require care and providing this care isn’t hard at all! You can perform simple cleaning activities yourself to keep it clean and dust free 

You can even opt to hand it over to the professional rug cleaners in Toronto area who are equipped to handle any kind of area rug!

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Get back a newer, fresher looking rug! 

What does the area rug cleaning process involve?

  • Vacuuming
  • Dusting
  • Washing/ Hand washing
  • Deep cleaning
  • Drying

Vacuum Area Rugs

Vacuuming is a basic procedure which helps to clear out loose weaves and other dust particles. These dust particles, if left inside, can cause the development of microorganisms which can eat through the weaves and ruin the area rug.

Performing a vacuuming at home regularly can help prevent this type of damage.

Dusting Area Rugs

After the vacuuming is done, the area rug is subject to a dusting procedure which helps clear of the dust which the vacuum was not able to reach.This procedure is performed mainly for delicate rugs which cannot be subject to vacuuming without a loss of their weaves.

The materials which require this type of dusting are usually wool or those present in Persian and oriental rugs!

Washing Area Rugs

After your area rug is dust free, the washing procedure starts. Some rugs can be washed with a machine as their material is of higher durability.

If the material of is not durable enough to go through a machine and survive, experts at Blue Paisley hand wash them.

This can benefit your rug immensely.

Cleaning and Drying Area Rugs

Once the rugs have undergone the preliminary wash, they are then deep cleaned with the help of a machine. This ensures that any remaining dust particle or stain or any damage done to the area rug

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