Vintage Rugs

What is a Vintage Rug/Carpet?

In recent years, the latest craze in the rug market has seen antique rugs given a revamp to fit in with modern living spaces. Traditional area rugs patterns and colors are an excellent look into Anatolia and Asia's regional workmanship, but many people find that their time-honored styles do not fit into current interior designs. This is why "distressed" or "overdyed" vintage rugs/carpets are becoming so popular — they not only give an old carpet a new lease of life, but they also add a lively splash of color to our lives even while exuding the eternal class of an original handcrafted work of art.

Why Choose a Vintage Rug/Carpet?

Because they are lovely, trendy, eco-friendly, handcrafted, and inexpensive!
Distressed vintage rugs are another name for vintage carpets, and they represent a trend that has crossed over into fashion and home décor. People want their rugs to look 'lived on,' as well as their trousers to be 'lived in.' This new aesthetic honors faded, aged, and softened textiles, as well as rugs that burrow into rooms as if they've always been there.

Although the method has gained worldwide popularity, it was first invented in Turkey, and it is from here that you can get the best vintage carpets and overdyed works made from authentic handwoven vintage and antique rugs.

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