Rug Repair and Restoration | Carpet Repair and Restoration Toronto

At Blue Paisley we know that no matter how much you cherish your rugs, sometimes pets, furniture, and cleaning accidents can make rug/carpet repair and restoration simply unavoidable.

Our experienced specialists are ready to repair any damage, big or small, before it has the chance to devalue your rug. To avoid future complications, all rips, holes and tears should be fixed immediately.

 The processing of repairing on damaged rug/carpet...
Carpet Restoration: Antique rugs are often delicate prized possessions which is why restoring them requires a high level of skill, experience and workmanship. Over the past three decades, we have handled countless antique rugs and look forward to using our expertise to help you restore your priceless pieces!

Pile Shearing


Over time, your Carpet may discolour due to natural causes, like sun bleaching, or accidents such as spilling nail polish.  In these cases, pile shearing can bring new life to your carpet by removing a small layer of the discoloured pile, revealing fresh colour.

This restoration process is effective only if the discolouration is on the surface of the rug and has not seeped too deep. Take a look at this video to see the results of pile shearing on a sun damaged Persian rug.  The difference will amaze you.



Abrash Redyeing

Abrash is a term used to refer to the colour variations in hand knotted Persian and Oriental rugs.  It is a natural occurrence. Different fibers absorb dyes differently because of varying thickness of the hand-spun wool, and, especially in the case of natural dyes, because the dye batches vary and are never exactly the same.

As the rug ages, the different batches discolour in a nonuniform manner; leading to abrash.  Abrash does not lower the value of your rug, however, some owners prefer to have the colour of the rug restored to its original state.  At Blue Paisley, we provide a restorative service to redye the abrash of your old rugs to give a clean uniform look.