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BluePaisley is one of the top-rated, reasonably priced and highly professional rug cleaning company in Toronto.
40+ Years of Expertise in Residential rug cleaning, Commercial rug cleaning,Carpet Cleaning, Upholstery cleaning & care in Toronto with Pickup & Delivery. Call 4165464545 for free quote & offers. 

      Our Area Carpet Rug Cleaning Toronto Services include

      • Professional Carpet Cleanings (home carpets and commercial carpets)
      • Rug Cleanings & Rug Protection
      • Stain & Odor Removal
      • Hand Washing
      • Commercial Carpet Cleaning
      • Dust Mites & Other Allergens Control
      • Pet Stains Removal
      • Professional Upholstery Cleaning
      • Rug Protection
      • Moth Proofing
      • Carpet Repairs & Stain Protection

      Types of Rugs We Clean

      We offer both standard and traditional cleaning services that are safe and effective for even the most delicate rugs. We are well known for professional cleaning services of Persian and oriental rugs cleaning. Our pro carpet cleaning services in Toronto includes following types of rugs

      • Wool rugs
      • Silk rugs
      • Cotton rugs
      • Cow Skin rugs
      • Synthetic rugs
      • Polyester rugs

      Your Rugs might be dirty or already stained by external elements. As professional cleaners, we make sure to remove all the stains and dirt from your carpets and rugs.

      Pickup & delivery available for a professional & reliable stain removal, carpet cleaning and repair service in Toronto .

      Latest technology and equipment's

      Our expert rug cleaner uses highest-rated industry equipment, rug cleaning machines, cleaning solutions and technology to deliver satisfaction guaranteed cleaning.

      For Rug and Upholstery Cleaning Inquiry In Toronto - Call Us Now: +(1) 416-546-4545


      Truck mounted reliable carpet cleaning

      With the help of extended suction and solution hoses, get your carpets cleaned at home. Our van is mounted to the floor and we start the cleaning process with a hot water extraction process(also known as steam cleaning). Truck mounted carpet cleaning is one of the fastest and reliable cleaning process available for commercial and residential carpet cleaning.


      Other Rug Services From Blue Paisley

      Rug Repairs

      Our experienced specialists are ready to repair any damage caused to your rugs, big or small, before it has the chance to devalue your rugs. To avoid future complications, all rips, holes and tears should be fixed immediately.

      Rug Damage Restoration

      Over the past three decades, we have handled countless rug damage restoration process for all types of rugs and look forward to using our expertise to help you restore your priceless pieces!

      Rug Rentals

      Rug rentals can be used for parties, events and other occasions when you only need a rug for a short period of time.

      Rug Appraisals

      We conduct each appraisal carefully and comprehensively to ensure we can provide you with the most accurate evaluation. Rug appraisals can be done inside the Blue Paisley full-service showroom or in the comfort of your own home.

      Custom Rugs

      Over the decades, we have carefully selected rug weavers around the world who take our orders, usually in the form of digital or hand drawn images, and create a hand knotted rug.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      How much does it cost to clean an area rug?

      It depends on the existing size of rugs.With BluePaisley, you don't have to worry about pricing. From rug cleaning to rug repair, professional carpet cleanings,odor removal, stain removal, upholstery steam cleaning etc, we have the most professional and affordable rates for rug cleaning and carpet cleaning in Toronto. 

      Do we have upholstery steam cleaning?

      Yes we do have upholstery steam cleaning with us. Upholstery cares are also part of our cleaning services.

      Can we remove Pet Stains from our rugs?

      As a professional rug cleaners in Toronto, we meet lots of clients looking for pet stains removal. Its almost included in our daily commercial carpet cleaning process & we expertise in removing pet stains.

      Do we also provide rug refringing?

      Yes we do provide rug refringing services.Our customers can choose their own fringes from different styles, lengths and traditional colors.


      Do Carpet Cleaning Sprays Work?

      Carpet cleaning sprays work upto some extent. But our professional hand washing technique itself will beat the cleaning spray in results.


      How do you clean area rugs?

      Our Process

      Jump to specific process


      Step 1-Pre Inspection Of Your Rugs

      Step 2-Color Test

      Step 3-Dust Removal Process

      Step 4-Hard stain treatment

      Step 5-Decontamination Treatment

      Step 6-Submersion Bath

      Step 7-Rug Rinsing Process

      Step 8-Drying Process

      Step 9-Fringe & Detailing

      Step 10-Microseal Protection

      Our 10 step process

      We are completely transparent with our clients and displaying below how your area carpet rug cleaning process happens.


      Step 1-Pre Inspection Of Your Rugs

      ​Blue paisley experienced cleaners inspects your rug thoroughly on both the front and back surfaces. This is the only way to be sure that no defects or blemishes miss out. This is to ensure the pre-condition of your rugs before we start our real cleaning process.

      Step 2-Color Test

      We perform a dye test before making the rug wet. This allows us to find all types of color bleeding and fading issues your rugs have. Color bleeding issues are normally due to excessive die application or high heat exposure.

      Step 3-Dust Removal Process

      ​Dust particles keep accumulating on your rugs and over time it will affect the natural looks of your rugs. It will start looking much older due to continued dust accumulation. Normal home cleaning or using a vacuum cleaner will not be sufficient for the deep cleaning of your rugs. With the help of the latest technology, we will reach into deep fibers of your carpets and remove all sorts of accumulated dust particles.

      Step 4- Hard stain treatment

      Once we are done with the dusting process, we use professional stain solutions to loosen up all the hard stains your rugs have.

      Step 5- Decontamination Treatment

      Your rugs get contaminated when exposed to impure particles. Home with pets are prone to dog urination on rugs. This will decontaminate your rugs. Pet contaminated rugs require an expert level of odor removal,stain protection,cleaning and use of high standard enzymes. The isolation process allows us to decontaminate your infected rugs. Blue Paisley's highest industry standards enzymes to clean your rugs when compared with other rug cleaners in Toronto. 

      Step 6-Submersion Bath

      ​Professional hand-washing in a submersion bath assures better cleaning of your rugs. Deep cleaning of your rugs is continued with the help of compressed air underwater. The submersion bath process improves the appearance and enhances the true value of your rugs. 

      Step 7-Rug Rinsing Process

      ​After submersion bath, your rugs are thoroughly rinsed to remove all sorts of chemicals and cleaning agents.

      Step 8-Drying Process

      ​The drying process takes place in our temperature-controlled rooms. We use drying beds and moving airs to dry your rugs without any damages. Wool and silk rugs require a little different drying process and we also use dry out flat if required.

      Step 9-Fringe & Detailing Work On Your Rugs

      ​We conduct a detailed inspection on your rugs to check further remains of any unwanted foreign matter. then detail your rug, and look for any remaining foreign matter. Rinsing and combing continues. Dull and dirty looking fringes may devalue your rug value. So fringe and detailing work is very crucial to maintain your rug looks.

      Step 10-Additional Fabric Protection using Microseal

      ​Microseal further protects your rugs from serious color fading issues caused by sunlight. Microseal protection for rugs is considered one of the best in the industry. Microseal protection is also used in the Aerospace Industry for more than 25 years.

      Carpet & Rug Cleaning Gallery

      Before & After Cleaning Carpets Images

      Rug cleaning before and after photo

      Above you can see before and after photo of rugs

      Cleaning Process

      rug cleaning toronto


      rug cleaning Toronto


      We offer pick-up and delivery options around the Toronto Ontario

      We are providing rug cleaning services to the following Areas In Toronto (Greater Toronto Area)and nearby areas of listed locations.

      North York  York Mills  Glen Park
      Uptown  Bedford Park  North Toronto
      Midtown  The Annex  Forest Hill
      Downtown  King West Village  Harbourfront
      West End (including York and Etobicoke)  Junction Triangle  The Kingsway
      East End (including East York and Scarborough)  The Beaches  Leaside

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