Professional Rug Services in Toronto


Appraisals at Blue Paisley are dealt with extreme precision and detail. Our rug expert has over 30 years of experience with rugs of all kinds, including fine antiques and rare pieces. Appraisals are useful for a variety of purposes; insurance claims, unknown purchases, and assessment of condition.

Rug Rental

Blue Paisley’s vast selection of rugs is perfect for bringing color and warmth into any room and setting. Rug rentals can be used for parties, or events where you only need a rug for a short period of time. Many use our rug rental service for staging their homes or as props and decoration for television and movie sets.

Rug Cleaning

Rug cleaning is taken very seriously at Blue Paisley. Cleaning rugs takes a certain level of knowledge and information. Different rugs are made of different fibers, with different dyes, and in different qualities. Our rug cleaning experts take the time to make sure your rugs come out looking like new after undergoing our rug service.