Home Consultations and Approvals

We know that picking a rug can be a bit more complicated than simply visiting our showroom and choosing one from hundreds of various pieces; we want to make sure that you enjoy your rug buying experience from the beginning to the end, therefore we offer our clients a truly tailored experience:

Blue Paisley Fine Rugs Home Consultation and Approval

We invite you to visit Blue Paisley and bring along anything that will help you match the colour of the rug to the colours in your house, including fabrics, wood/tiles, paint samples or pictures. After you’ve had a chance to browse our versatile collection, you will need to pick the sizes, designs and colours that you think will work best for your home. We encourage you to pick as many pieces as you like!

Next we will schedule an appointment for a rug home consultation; we will bring all of the pieces selected by you and some additional pieces selected by us to your home. Once inside your house, we will show you how each different piece looks inside your home with your furniture and home décor. It is important to remember that every room has different lighting, some have more or less natural light, therefore colours can often vary in their appearance depending on each room’s lighting. Once you select some final options, we will leave them with you overnight so that you can experience how they look both in the daylight and at night time before making your final decision.

Our rug home consultations are complimentary and intended to ensure that you have a great experience buying your rug and are able to see how it will look within your home, prior to making the decision.

At Blue Paisley, we strive to provide you with excellent service, convenience and fine rugs that you will treasure for generations to come!