Persian Rugs

What are Persian Rugs/Carpets?

Persian rugs are luxurious items in their making and status. Investing in Persian carpets can be a good option for those who are looking to diversify their investment into new and different things, such as art which has antique value and utility. Persian rugs/carpets, also known as Oriental rugs have their values based on many factors.

Persian rugs/carpets are known for their rich color, varied artistic designs, and patterns. They are treasured possessions in the places such as museums, galleries, mansions, famous buildings, etc. There are three types of Persian rugs/carpets, they are Silk on silk, Silk on Wool, and Wool on wool. Silk on silk is considered to be the most refined and priced for its extreme quality and comfort. With time, the value of all the hand-knotted fine carpets goes up in good percentages, provided they are well preserved. Investment in Persian carpets can appraise for the following qualities relating to the Persian rug.

  • If you invest in Persian rugs which are rare or have some historical importance
  • Current quality and condition of the rug and how much better it is than the similar Persian carpets
  • if you invest in Persian rugs of bigger size, your Persian rug has the most chances of apprisal, like in diamonds.

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