Rebuild the look of your home with modern rugs!

Posted on September 12 2018

Rebuild the look of your home with modern rugs!

Want a new look for your home? Find an inexpensive way to spice up your décor with us!

Décor and style speak volumes about a home. It’s not the exterior that has to be interesting, your interiors should be “wow” worthy as well, right? But hiring a decorator and getting all those expensive materials from exotic places is not everyone’s cup of tea. There is a simple solution which goes easy on the pockets! Modern Rugs!

"Find the perfect rug for your perfect home with Blue Paisley!"

There are just so many ways you can decorate your home with modern rugs! With the new patterns and styles coming up, there is just an endless pit of ideas for decoration!

Modern Rugs Toronto

How should you select your rug?

  • Understand the needs of your room
  • Know the perfect size
  • Try different shapes
  • Don’t be shy with wild patterns

Before buying a modern rug, have a look at your room and understand what theme you’re trying to set here. If you have a soft sophisticated look, you may want to go with a simple rug. You can even add a new twist by going for a wild one. Modern rugs can help you set a personality to your room
After you’ve set the tone, you will want to know the size. Decide if you want a wall to wall rug or a rug which covers your seating area. Measure the proportions and take into account the movement of the furniture while doing so.
It is not a compulsory rule to only get a rectangular rug. You can try out around one as well. The size of the rug could help determine your shape as well. Small and round rugs may go really well for a small office table.
Modern rugs are experimental with patterns and material. This means that your room definitely has a soulmate rug out there somewhere. Don’t shy away from a wildly patterned out of the ordinary rug if you think it will suit your room.

"Experimentation is always helpful!
Try out modern rugs from vast collections before purchasing them with Blue Paisley!"

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