Why Should You Leave Rug Cleaning to the Professionals?

Posted on January 28 2018

Rug Cleaning may seem too simple if broken into distinctive parts, just like any other cleaning. But, what we miss while Rug Cleaning is the delicacy of our rugs and the irrecoverable damages we cause by cleaning it unprofessionally. Weather it is a shaggy or a brittle rug, the piles are suppose to be maintained and cleaned with utmost care. Rug cleaning at home causes not just unavoidable but also significant amount of damages to the Rug, eventually reducing its life. The following are a few mistakes or damages that can be avoided by Professional Rug Cleaning:

Rug Shrinkage

In professional rug cleaning, the rugs are analysed properly before the washing procedure begins. If proper analysis is not done about the rug then it can lead to the shrinkage of the rug due to various reasons. As conventional rug cleaners use hot water and various shampoos to clean the rug, it is a major cause of rug shrinkage in the rug cleaning process. Also, excessive soaking can be a secondary cause of the rug shrinkage. In addition, if the cleaner does not take a note of the synthetic fiber in the rug, then the rug will most likely shrink in its size while at the time of washing.

Mold and Mildew

There is a proper procedure for the removal of molds and mildew smell in the rug cleaning process. Each and every rug is bound to be accumulated by mold and mildew. People may make mistakes while cleaning the mold and mildew in their rug cleaning session that may lead to a permanent damage in the rug. Mistakes such as not vacuuming properly before the removal of mold and mildew or not using the right chemical in its removal.

The Right Time for Rug Cleaning

There is never a best time for the rug cleaning, but there is always a chance that you could do the rug cleaning at a better time, and any hurry or delay may cause the rug to dampen or cause roughness on the rug. There are many factors in determining when to clean the rug, such as how many people are there in the house, how many people on an average walk over it, the season when you should wash the rug so that you get sunlight, does anyone leaving near to the rug have allergies etc. With our professional experience we always try to make it the right time for the rug cleaning so that the rug lasts longer and it adds to create a healthy environment in its area of use.

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