How To Spot a Genuine Persian Carpet?

Posted on April 19 2022

How To Spot a Genuine Persian Carpet?

Persian carpets are beautiful, they enhance the look of your home and create a warm and welcoming atmosphere, however there are several merchants and sellers who pass off fake rugs as Persian, it is always important to do a thorough research before you invest in one of these stunning rugs. An authentic Persian rug is a valuable possession, ensure that you verify before you buy. At our store we provide quality and genuine Persian carpets, please reach out to us now for more information.

Make the right choice

Machine made and Persian look-a-like rugs are easily available in the market, it can be extremely difficult to ensure that the rug is authentic or just Persian-looking. Here are few points that can help you determine if it is a genuine Persian carpet.

Check material

Only rugs that are made in middle eastern region are true Persian rugs. These are made by hand, if they are manufactured in the US or in Europe, it most likely isn’t genuine. There are also rugs that are manufactured in Pakistan, India, China, please note that these are beautiful, but aren’t true Persian Carpet.

Check if it is-knotted

Persian rugs are hand-knotted by professional weavers, they spend hours weaving this rug. Hand-tufted rugs are made using a tufting gun, although they look beautiful but they aren’t genuine.

Check the back of the rug

Please note that it is rare to find a handmade rug that has the perfect front and back. Since these are handmade, they always have some imperfections, that’s what makes them so valuable. Take a look at both the front and the back before you buy a Persian rug. If they look perfect from both sides, its most likely to be fake.

Soft backing

Authentic Persian rugs are hand-knotted. This rug doesn’t have any backing added to the underside. Thus, making its back extremely soft. Unlike machine-made rugs that may use synthetic materials and plastic backing, a real Persian rug only uses natural materials.

Check the colour

Real Persian rugs use dye that’s made of plant and animal materials.

Check the fringe

In real Persian rugs, the fringe is part of the rug. This is formed during the weaving process. 

Fringe is never present in the machine-made rugs. Take a closer look to check for the fringe before you make a purchase. Get in touch with our staff if you wish to know more about how to spot a real Persian rug.

At our store, we stock a range of Persian rugs, you can visit our store and our team will provide you with a genuine and quality rug. Our rugs will add more beauty to your home and give a fresh and stunning new look. If you need more details, please reach out to our team now. We will be glad to assist you with all your requirements.

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