4 Carpet Cleaning Methods Used By Professionals

Posted on July 03 2018

A carpet can light up your home and enhance the décor of the room. It is important that we maintain and perform carpet cleaning regularly. This can help the carpet remain new and beautiful. The carpet cleaning methods vary from carpet to carpet. The most common carpet cleaning methods are listed below:

  1. Wet cleaning: This carpet cleaning method uses steam and hence it is called steam cleaning method or hot water extraction method. It follows the process of first applying a cleaning agent on the carpet and then running a brush aggressively through it. This makes sure that the cleaning agent goes deep into the carpet. It allows the soiled carpet to release its soil and mix with the chemical agents present in the carpet. It is then washed thoroughly and left to dry. The drying process for the carpet cleaning could take long.
  2. Bonnet cleaning: This is the second most common method of carpet cleaning. It involves the use of a machine and an absorbent pad. The carpet is initially sprayed with a chemical solution. The spraying is done with equipment used to spray. It is then left to soak in the solution. The absorbent pad is part of a rotating machine which is then used on the carpet. It absorbs the solution which is mixed with the soil present in the carpet and attached to the fibers. These are removed easily with the help of the absorbent pad which is rotated on the carpet.
  3. Dry absorbent compound: As the name suggests, the method does not call for any kind of wetness. It is a popular dry cleaning method. It involves the use of a dry powder mixed with special cleaning agents. These special solvents are used to collect the soil from the carpet and clean the fibers. The compound is driven into the fibers with the help of a rotating machine after it is spread. It is then cleaned by vacuum.
  4. Dry shampoo: This carpet cleaning method involves the use of a shampoo and it creates foam. Like the powder of the absorbent method, even this dry shampoo is spread into the fibers of the carpet. After the shampoo has been spread, it is turned into foam with the help of a rotating machine. The shampoo then releases the soil in the fibers and is then cleaned off with the help of vacuuming methods.

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