5 Step Guide For Persian Rug Cleaning

Posted on August 09 2018

5 Step Guide For Persian Rug Cleaning

Persian rugs are delicate and beautiful pieces of art. They display the beauty and creativity of the people who make them. The finest and most beautiful material is selected and then woven in different ways and patterns to give you a taste of the cities of the olden days. Persian rugs are usually pretty sturdy and can stand the test of time. If you’ve got one that is almost a hundred years old, then you know what a strong piece of work it is! But cleaning one of these is quite the challenge. Most of us would prefer to leave it to the experts at Blue Paisley.

Persian Rug Cleaning Toronto

But if you’re one of those brave hearts who believe in doing it themselves then here is a guide for Persian rug cleaning:

  1. Prepare the area: The first step for Persian rug cleaning is to prepare the area where you are going to be doing the cleaning. It is advisable that you choose a flat surface which can house your Persian rug. You will also need a few items to hold your rug in place before you start cleaning it. It is important to take into consideration the weather when you are cleaning your Persian carpet. The rug needs to dry and that won’t be possible if the weather is not sunny!
  2. Patch testing is key: You don’t want to douse your entire Persian rug in water and then find out that the dye leaks, right? This is why a patch test is always recommended before you begin the cleaning process. Wet a small corner of the Persian rug and see if the dye leaks. If your cleaning process passes the patch test, then go ahead and with the Persian rug cleaning
  3. Remove the dirt: When cleaning you don’t want your Persian carpet to be full of dirt. Shampooing it directly might imbibe the dust further into the weaves. So, the first process would be to clean it with a vacuum cleaner and remove the dirt particles. Remember that cleaning must be done on both sides to remove the dust completely. The carpet can be allowed to rest and let the other dust particles still present, remove themselves.
  4. Wet, wash and rinse: After you have cleaned the dirt, it’s finally time to use the hose and get your carpet clean and beautifully fresh. With these kinds of delicate rugs, it is advisable to wash them with hand. Lather a solution recommended by Blue Paisley experts onto the Persian rug and begin your cleaning process. After washing, make sure to rinse it thoroughly and remove all remnants of the solution to ensure a more vibrant result.
  5. Let it dry: After the hectic washing process is over, it’s time for a little heavy lifting. Take your carpet to a place where it will be properly spread out and will be exposed to sunlight properly. Let it dry for a few days and then you are done! Enjoy your fresh rug!

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