Modern Rugs for living room

Posted on October 18 2018

Modern Rugs for living room

Need to add a bit of spice to your monotonous living room? Have you considered a modern rug? Read on to make your living room a feast for the eyes!

Modern rugs are the perfect addition for home decor especially for a living room. This is the space you host your parties in and gossip with your friends in! It definitely should be an expression of your personal style and must obviously get you envious looks and a lot of “where did you buy that” questions!
There are a lot of ways that modern rugs can help you really pull your room together and make a statement. It is all about letting your inner designer loose! We have a few ideas which can help you make the splash!

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Think out of the blue!

Modern rugs come in various different shapes and colors and if you have a silent or muted room you can get wild and weird patterned rugs to make it unique! You can add the element of surprise with such an addition and make your room a different environment which refreshes!

The old world charm never dies!

The “vintage” “retro” and other terms used to describe rugs from the olden days with a modern twist are many. There are many experiments being made with looks incorporating such rugs which enhance the style quotient of your room!

All the colors of the rainbow in one rug!

A lot of people have homes with a single color pattern and the curtains definitely match the drapes and all the other furniture as well. Adding a colorful rug in the center of such a room could light up the room as well as add a sunny feel to it.

The twists in the weaves keeps it interesting!

Modern rugs incorporate the idea of having different types of weaves and mixing different types of materials to get unique feels, patterns and shapes. Your living room can have a little twist with these!

Find the modern rug twist to your fairy tale living room!

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