5 Rug Repair & Restoration Techniques to save your Rugs!

Posted on May 20 2018

If you have placed your rug or carpet in a high traffic area, it will definitely be prone to wear and tear. The rug can be stained or torn and you may have given up hope of ever reviving your expensive rug from the throes of damage and discoloration. Professional rug care services can help you salvage your rug and make it look new and fresh. Here are the top 5 methods of rug repair and restoration.

  1. Pile shearing:
    Rug repair and restoration can be done for rugs with deep or multiple piles by removing a small layer of the pile from the rug. A pile is a raised surface of the rug which is made of loops into the cloth or yarn. It can even be a fabric. Pile shearing is really beneficial when it comes to removing discoloration. The professionals of rug repair and restoration are able to bring new color to a rug if it has been discolored by the sun or by accidental spills. The shearing process could provide a new and fresh look to the rug.
  2. Abrash Redying:
    For people unfamiliar with rug repair and restoration, this may be a relatively new term. Abrash is solely associated with Persian and oriental rugs. It is actually the term used to describe the different colors in the rugs. These rugs are usually very pricey and owners prefer to have them redyed in order to maintain the newness of the rug. This is a very widely opted service among Persian rug owners.
  3. Fringe repair and replacing:
    If your rug is one with fringes, you may have faced the trouble of having them get stuck in the smallest of hooks and tearing. This could end up giving your rug a very frayed and disgusting look. Rug repair and restoration is possible for this weaving and replacement.
  4. Moth damage repair:
    Persian and oriental rugs are subject to damage from dampness and moths. The moths can eat away at your rugs and cause a lot of harm and damage. It is important to stop their manifestation and restore the rug. This rug repair and restoration technique is used to stop the infestation and restore the rug to the natural state.
  5. Water damage:
    Basic water damage can forever harm the feel of your rug and make it look dirty. Rug repair and restoration can take care of it with ease.

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