What Should You Consider While Looking For Antique Rugs

Posted on January 28 2018

What Should You Consider While Looking For Antique Rugs Antique rugs refer to the Persian rugs which have a huge market and eternal demand and a very scanty supply, which has not improved in the recent times. Antique rugs have such demand for their quality and fine designs. These are mainly produced in the Middle east countries, especially in Iran. Carpet weaving has been a very symbolic and a heritage activity in Iran and from where the antique rugs derive their high value. Newly made rugs do not have any resale value like the antique rugs do and hence one should consider buying antique rugs as they are both investments and are of high utility in their making. Below are a few traits which you should consider while choosing the antique rug which you want to invest in


First, as it is an antique rug, you must set your budget right and be clear on it. Antique rugs can seem to be too expensive and so you might be disappointed. Therefore, while investing in it, you can be assured of a safe investment, though there maybe comparatively lower returns, but it also offers a lot of utility and prestige.


Though Persian rugs are known by their quality from their knots per square inch, in antique rugs it is not exactly the same. Knots per square inch matter in the antique rugs only when you are comparing the prices of two antique rugs that are pretty much identical in every other way. Then, antique rug with the higher knots per square inch is considered to be of higher value.


Size is one of the main price drivers of an antique rug. The bigger the size of antique rug, the higher is its price. The bigger ones take higher price if two rugs of the same production line are being compared, that is which have all the other things as same and size is the only difference.


As the name says 'Antique' rugs, it is clear that the older antique rugs take higher price than the newer ones. The age of the rug is not the only criteria while evaluating the antique value as its size and condition is also taken into account. If it is not in the best condition, then repair and restoration can also be done on it and hence bring it to its original stature. Any repair and restoration does not lead to the reduction of its intrinsic antique value.

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