How to identify antique Persian rugs?

Posted on January 29 2019

Antique Persian Rugs

Is the rug in your living room a genuine antique rug? How do you even identify antique Persian rugs?

If you find yourself scratching your head whilst asking yourself these questions, don’t worry. You’re not the only one.

In this day and age, where imitation is the most common form of profit, one must learn to protect oneself from being swindled into buying items that are worth far less than they are worth. One of these items happens to include antique rugs.

Here are a few tips and tricks that can help you identify if your rug is the genuine!

Despite the tips mentioned below, there is really no easy way for you to check if your rug is actually an antique unless you consult an expert in the field. 



Tips to identify antique Persian rugs

Trust your eye

Your eye is your greatest tool when it comes to identifying age-old rugs. Dyes for coloring  yarn were extracted from various plant parts and sometimes even insects, until the mid-19th century, when synthetic dyes were invented. These dyes had subdued, earthy hues that simply cannot be replicated with modern dyes.

Feel the rugs

The material, i.e. wool, used for rugs is a good indicator of the age of the rug. Modern techniques use a variety of chemical processes to soften the materials to make them softer and more durable. This means that older rugs tend to fray at the edges or simply feel moister than 

Check the knot

Flip the rug over and check the underside. Older rugs have a higher knot counts, with tight knots and intricate weaves. This is due to the vertical looms used in ancient times. The wefts are usually present between rows of knots.

Verify the patterns

Rugs of older eras have certain classical design elements and motifs like paisley designs, central medallions and rosettes. The designs are also symmetric in nature and the rugs themselves have both bound and fringed edges. Modern carpets, however, are created with digital prints with asymmetrical and fractal elements as references.

And when you do get a rug for your home, be sure to call us for professional Persian rug cleaning.

Our Persian rug cleaning solutions, tailored specifically to restore these stunning works of art, will ensure that your rugs look their best for more years to come.



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