4 Simple Carpet Cleaning Hacks to Restore It As Good As New

Posted on January 07 2018

Maintaining a carpet or a rug especially at commonly walked-on places can sometimes get hard enough that you might consider to just get rid of it. But, you should also know, carpets are often considered a symbol of prestige. So, here we have brought you a few simple carpet cleaning hacks that can make yours as well as your carpet & life better.

Carpet Cleaning for Shag Carpets:

We all know how shag carpets can be one of the most looked after things in a home, but may still end up damaged soon. One of the main reasons for doing so is by regular vacuum cleaning it. Doing so simply pulls the threads excessively and causes it to shed abnormally. One simple carpet cleaning hack you can adopt is to vacuum clean it directly through the hose. It will only such the dust particles and leave the threads easily vacuumed. In case of stains on a shag carpet, cleaning it can be treated as any other stain on a shirt. Simply soak the area in water and apply laundry detergent over it. As the soap is absorbed through the stains, rub it gently to get it off.

Carpet Scenting for a Better Environment:

Scenting your carpet also can help you improve the environment around the house. We recommend blending a small bottle of essential oil along with a few ounces of baking soda. Mix them well until the oil drops are well absorbed into the soda. Store it in a glass jar and sprinkle a part of it all over the carpet once in a while. Leave it in for a few minutes and vacuum clean as usual to remove the free particles and enjoy a well-scented carpet every time you walk over it.

How Iron Can Make Your Carpet Cleaning Easier:

You can use an iron to transfer the stain from your carpet to a waste cloth. This hack of carpet cleaning is very useful in case of absorbed stains. Use a vacuum cleaner over the stain first to remove any solid particles. Now, soak the stained area into a solution of water and vinegar in the ratio 3:1 respectively. Leave in the solution for 5 minutes until it gets absorbed into the carpet. Once it is absorbed place a warm wet waste cloth over the stain. Hardpress the iron over the stain which will make the stain get absorbed towards the heat and thus into the waste cloth.

Adopt a Steam Cleaner to Professionalize Your Carpet Cleaning:

Steam Cleaners are very useful in case of carpet cleaning. They clean your carpet as efficiency as sterilizing it. You can also mix a quarter cup of vinegar, a quarter cup of dishwasher soap and a few drops of your favorite essential oil into your steamer water to have a thorough cleaning and leave in a well-scented carpet. This carpet cleaning method requires a minimal effort and can be practiced on a regular basis.

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