All you need to know about rug repairs and restoration

Posted on September 20 2018

All you need to know about rug repairs and restoration

Want to save a dying rug? Fringes destroyed or accidental tear? Find out how to save it!

Bugs, moths and more are ready to attack your rug at any given time. It is hard to notice the damage being done to your rug immediately. But over time, you can see places are being eaten away. Your rug can even be harmed while cleaning or you might catch a fringe or a part in the vacuum and it might come off. Before you throw away your rug, consider the possibility that it can be repaired and restored to look new!

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What are the signs of damage?

  • Wear and tear
  • Fading
  • Condition of padding
  • Odor

Your rug can withstand running kids, a few stains and a few pet leaks here and there. With proper maintenance it can even withstand a few damages. But over time it starts to lose its luster. This is a clear sign of wear and tear. You can bring back the original shine of your rug with repair and restoration.

Rugs need to be shifted once a while to maintain even fading. If you have kept it in one position for too long, exposed areas can fade heavily. Rug repair and restoration can help you save it.

The padding of the rug says a lot about its condition. If there is too much damage done to padding, your rug could be nearing extinction. But small repairs could help you save it.

Too many dust mites, allergens, other such organisms and particles can cause your rug to smell. A little rug repair and restoration can go a long way in saving it.

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