Persian Rugs - Details to know!

Posted on April 02 2018

Persian Rugs - Details to know!


Persian rugs, also known as Iranian rugs, have background around 3000 years. During the period of “PERSIAN EMPIRE “Persians started to weave handmade rugs for economic purposes, both to be used inside and to be exported. They used them to cover their floor at home or decorate. These rugs were produced all over the areas which were governed by the PERSIAN EMPIRE.

Persian rugs
Persian rugs are known as an art influenced by diverse Persian Culture showing varieties of color combination, texture, design and pattern. This diversity is a true reflection of a diverse culture within the country.

There are multiple types of Persian rugs which are woven by Nomadic Tribes, villages, cities, towns and also the Royal court workshops. Each have their unique type of weaves, patterns, and designs, reflecting their unique history and culture.


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