Tips to Maintain Your Persian Rugs

Posted on June 02 2018

Spicing up the decor and look of your home should not have to cost you so much money that it creates a dent in your bank account.  Persian rugs are a sure-fire way to improve the décor of your home and add a splash of color to the entire look of your home. But Persian rugs are very delicate. They need to be maintained well and kept clean.

Here are 5 methods and tips to maintain your rugs.

  1. Vacuum regularly.
    The key to maintaining a Persian rug or any rug for that matter is cleaning it regularly with a vacuum. This promotes hygiene and also ensures that the dust present in your Persian rug doesn’t spoil its delicate texture and form. You should vacuum it both on the front as well as the back to make sure it is entirely clean.
  2. Don’t leave it in direct sunlight.
    Leaving your Persian rug in direct sunlight can cause it to fade and lose its color. This can make the rug look old and outdated. Make sure that your rug is placed in an area that doesn’t allow direct sunlight to fall on it. Even when drying it, make sure that you don’t leave it out for too long in the sunlight.
  3. Harsh cleaning agents are harmful.
    When cleaning a Persian rug, keep its delicacy in mind. Harsh agents can harm your rug beyond repair. Even if the stain is too deep, use a vacuum cleaner to remove the excess and then extract the stain. It is best to give it to a professional for such situations.
  4. Soaking your rug may ruin it.
    A lot of people believe they can wash their rugs at home. While this can be done for other regular rugs from time to time, a Persian rug is very delicate. Washing it in a tub can cause it to lose color. Also, the pile can be ruined beyond repair. Professionals can do it with proper care and expertise.
  5. Read before you leap.
    All rugs have labels on their back which signify what kind of cleaning procedures are suitable for it and even the steps to clean it. Don’t get rid of this label and follow the procedures mentioned with proper care. This can make your rug stay fresh for long. A professional will know the right methods.

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