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Posted on February 06 2019

Persian Rugs Canada

Persian Rugs Toronto


There’s nothing quite as luxurious as the feel of silk, especially when it’s underfoot. Hand-woven silk-on-silk Persian or Oriental carpets are among the finest and most expensive in the world.

Persian Rugs

There are quite a few reasons to own a pretty Persian rug. In addition to the beautiful and practical benefits, Persian rugs also come with rich history, intricate design and undying passion. You see, along with luxury Persian rug history, we also celebrate the achievements of people who have mastered this amazing ancient craft. Through which, they support their families and communities where they live.

It’s time to transform your living space!


History of Persian Rugs

Iran has long been known for the artistic creation and the production of luxury Persian rugs. Their rich history dates back to nomads protecting themselves from the harsh climate. Colors and patterns were often used to identify their tribes too!Over the years, the creation of tribal contemporary rugs eventually made its way to the fashionable decorating of the grand halls of kings and noblemen. Isn’t that grand?

Throughout the centuries and even today,in homes over the world, the presence of large luxury Persian rugs always speak volumes that the host has great taste.Tribal contemporary rugs are also a simple yet effective way to add wonderful warmth and color.

Buy Persian Rugs in Canada

At Bluepaisley in Toronto, you can discover beautiful hand-dyed and hand-woven tribal contemporary rugs at affordable prices. Our tribal rugs from Iran are carefully handpicked to ensure their authenticity. We believe the prices, selection, expertise, cleaning, trade-in options, guarantees and personal service we offer are the best in Canada.

In addition to this, we also specialize in restoring the beauty of your Persian rugs. Our Bluepaisley experts in Toronto will care for, clean and repair your hand-made rugs to the point of Persian rug cleaning perfection.Rest assured, we have all the equipment, environmentally friendly materials, and experienced technicians to ensure a job well done.


Persian Rugs Repairs and Restoration

Our skilled weavers in Toronto can restore damaged tribal contemporary rugs to their original condition through re-weaving, re-fringing, binding and more.Through carefully determining where the carpet is from, we will order the wool or silk from that region so that the look and authenticity of your rug are well preserved. You can also contact Bluepaisley for the repair of Persian rugs that have been damaged due to wear and tear. 

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Contact Bluepaisley for details and quotations on our antique Persian rug services across Canada 


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