Villages & Nomads Rugs:

Posted on April 20 2018

Villages & Nomads Rugs:

This kinds of rugs are created by Villages of Nomads people on their free time as a hobby, after finishing their work either in a farm or raising sheep in the mountain.

Village and Nomade  Rug

The materials like wool and dyes will be produced locally, because they have sheep and they will use the wool, and they will prepare the yean wool by hand spanning the wool. Also they will use leaf and roots from different plants and vegetables for dyeing the wool. The design and colors of these kinds of rugs will be created by the weavers while they are weaving the rugs, so there is always an originality and spontaneity in these rugs. There is no premade design, the designs are the imagination of the weavers as they weave, reflecting their own individuality, therefore sometimes there is no symmetry in their design.

Moreover, this kind of the rugs are course weave with intense colors. One of the example for Village or Nomad rug is Gabbeh Rugs.

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