How To Maintain Persian Rugs For a Good Antique Value

Posted on January 07 2018

As we know Persian Rugs currently have a great market price for their designs and quality. While Oriental rugs are exported from multiple countries, Persian Rugs come only from Iran, earlier known as Persia. Owning a Persian Rug has become a sign of Prestige these days as it also has an accelerating value in the antique market. To achieve this stage, adopting a dedicated Persian Rug Cleaning Cycle is very important. There are also many stores available to help you with a few Persian Rug Cleaning and Maintaining methods with easy.

The following a few techniques you can adopt for

Persian Rug Cleaning :

Professional Washing:

Not all rugs prevail the same condition and strength. Some rugs are more delicate than the others. Analysing such specifics including the quality of the die used is important before Persian Rug Cleaning. At professional Persian Rug outlets such as Blue Paisley, such services are looked after with major care to help you maintain your Persian Rug in its best condition. Persian Rug Cleaning is looked after by first detecting any lose strands or nodes to avoid any damage while brushing. As machine wash is not advisable for all rugs, great care is taken to analyze your rug before adopting any process. It is advisable to deposit your rug for a Persian Rug Cleaning service once in every 2-5 years depending on its usage. Stores like Blue Paisley also provides you a pick and a drop service to suit your comfort.

Stages Followed for an Efficient Persian Rug Cleaning Process:

-Dusting Air Pressure is used to remove any dust particles floating through the piles of your rug. In Persian Rug Cleaning sometimes a blower is better adapted than a vacuum cleaner as it protects the threads. Unless specific machinery is used, the process is labor-intensive and requires proper technique.

-Patch or Stain Cleaning

Special chemicals are used in the process of stain cleaning in rugs. Though it is almost impossible to banish the stain completely, with the usage of special chemicals it can be faded or dispersed to a very good extent. In the process of Persian rug cleaning’s stain removal, it is very important to detect the cause of the stain as the stain cleaning chemicals and techniques are cause specific.

-Shampoo and Rinsing

Stain cleaning is followed by the rinsing of the rug. The first step in rinsing is the spraying of the detergent that acts as an agent in dissolving any dirt in the rug. The detergent also ensures that there is no colour evaporation or dye migration in the rug. This is followed by the washing of the rug using various shampoos depending on the case of rug.


Drying is done naturally in the process of Persian rug cleaning. First, the chemicals and liquids used in the washing process are let out through the clean water extraction process. Later, it is left in under the fan to dry naturally. The drying process may also take several days depending on the size and thickness of the rug.

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