What is a pet friendly area rug?

Posted on May 01 2019

What is a pet friendly area rug?

Area rugs make your room look bright and beautiful. But is it pet friendly? Read on to find out how to choose pet- friendly area rugs!

Area rugs are perfect for setting up the tone of your room and even the theme. These rugs however can get spoiled easily by pets and even cause your little furry friends harm. Choosing a pet friendly area rug can help prevent diseases and improve the quality of the atmosphere in your home! This is beneficial for both you and your pets.


What is a pet friendly area rug?

These rugs are just normal area rugs. They become pet friendly depending on the material they are made of and on whether they are resistant to stains. The rug you choose should also be able to withstand being chewed and torn. Pets do love to have a go at your home décor and having area rugs which can handle damage from pets is beneficial to everybody.

The pet friendly area rug checklist:

When looking for a rug that your favorite furry friend won’t be able to damage easily, there are a few pointers to keep in mind:

  • Choose a material which can withstand heavy duty
  • Choose an area rug which can be washed and cleaned with ease
  • Color of the rug
  • The area or dimension of the rug.

Area rugs, when kept in a house with pets tend to get soiled by them especially in the early stages of life. Repeated washing, vacuuming and bleaching of area rugs with delicate fiber and material can damage them and cause you to part with them. This can be avoided by buying area rugs made of durable wool or cotton. They are super easy to wash and will remain soft even after repeated washing.

Cleaning rugs is quite a task. To prevent this, materials with low pile should be chosen so that they can be cleaned with simple procedures and detergents. High piles are not recommended. However, if you would like to go for a high pile rug, please ensure that it is professionally cleaned by experts such as Blue Paisley, at least once a year.

An area rug which can be easily washed can be chosen in any color. However, if you do not intend to wash rugs repeatedly, you can choose darker colors which will not let the stain show as obviously as lighter colors would. A saturated color palette is best for home owners looking for area rugs for their stylish homes.

Usually, when buying an area rug, we look for the rug in accordance with the dimensions of the room. When considering pet friendly area rugs, you should think of going for smaller sizes as they are easier to clean and vacuum. If you do still want the look of a large rug, try getting two smaller rug. This will not only make them easier to move and wash, it will also be easy to refurnish and restyle.

Pets can be a source of many diseases and germs. Area rugs can trap these and pollute the quality of air in your home making you and your loved ones susceptible to harm. Choosing pet friendly rugs from Blue Paisley allows you and your loved ones to stay stylish and healthy.

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