The best way to clean Persian Rugs!

Posted on October 03 2018

The best way to clean Persian Rugs!

Have an expensive Persian Rug? Is it safe to clean at home? How can professional Rug cleaning help you?

Persian rugs are not cheap in any way. They may have cost you a huge sum and sometimes even a small fortune. Not cleaning and maintaining the rug could cause you to lose out on the investment you have made.
Cleaning a Persian rug at home is not an easy task. It takes a lot of time and space. Most people who own Persian Rugs prefer professional Rug Cleaning. But there are a few things which we can do at home to ensure longevity of the rug.
How do you maintain your Persian Rug at home?
• Vacuum regularly
• Rotate periodically
• Remove stains immediately
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  1. Vacuuming helps your rug stay free of dust and this prevents you from having to run to a rug store every few months because your rug has been eaten by mites. Vacuuming your rug also ensures that you are promoting a safe environment for your family members. 
  2. Persian Rugs tend to fade on exposure to the sun. It is wise to rotate them periodically to ensure consistent wear and tear on every inch of the rug. 
  3. Stains have to be removed immediately if you want your rug to have a long life. Don’t rub the stain as it will only spread it, say professional rug cleaners. Dab the excess and then wash it well.

Is professional cleaning necessary for a Persian Rug?

Most owners of Persian Rugs feel the need to avail professional rug cleaning services. This is considered to be a good practice as Persian Rugs are delicate and need a higher level of maintenance. With expert rug cleaning services, you can definitely ensure that your rug is going to be healthy and give you the chance to make a proper return on your investment.  

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