How to Take Home The Perfect Rug From The Rug Store

Posted on July 17 2018

Rugs, a simple or complex blend of material and design which improves the aesthetics of your home and provides a way for improving its acoustics as well. These woven pieces of magic come at low rates and are often termed the cheapest method to spice up your home’s décor. But the task of deciding a rug which would suit your theme, the walls, the furniture and still be sturdy enough to withstand the mess your children and pets can make is quite overwhelming to say the least. So, to make this easier for you here are a few tips to take home the best rug from a rug store:

  1. Wait and get the best: This is something you have to be strict in following. Never make the mistake of compromising on your rug choice. The rug store is going to have many options which are within your current expense plan but if you can afford a better one a few months later then wait and save your dollars.
  2. Choose your material wisely: Take some time to read up on articles about rug cleaning and maintenance and decide which rugs you would like to purchase from the rug store. There are bound to be multiple kinds of materials in a rug store. You should be choosing one which is natural and sturdy enough to handle the daily pressures of your room.
  3. Know how much you want to invest in cleaning: Some rugs are easy to clean, some not so much. If you are someone who is prone to hosting a lot of parties or have members in your family who are liable to spill something or harm something, then you should ask the rug store employee to show you a rug which can withstand such things.
  4. Decide on the style earlier: Before going to the rug store, it is important that you know the dimensions and the way you want to place your rug. The room, the lighting, the colors and patterns, all of it contributes to the final decision. Take into account the theme and tone of your room and decide on the final look of your rug.
  5. See it in a different light: The store you visit, will have their rugs placed under a harsh light and the hues and colors might seem different there and when you take the rug home. It is better to ask the employee at the store, to place the selected rug on the floor and see it in a different light. Stores like Blue Paisley ensure you get the perfect rug!


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