Is your rug in need of a professional cleaning? Is it worth it?

Posted on September 06 2018

Is your rug in need of a professional cleaning? Is it worth it?

Rugs are unique and take quite some time to clean. The different materials, weaves and other factors which should be considered while rug cleaning, can be forgotten if you are not a professional. Giving your rug for a professional cleaning would ensure that it receives the perfect care and cleaning based on the rug itself.

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What does rug cleaning involve?

  • Vacuuming or cleaning the dust
  • Washing
  • Drying
  • Repairing

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While it is true that you can wash your rug at home, you may not have the right equipment ready and renting it may cost more than the getting it cleaned professionally.

The rug would be vacuumed to remove all the residue and dust so that the dirt present does not harm the rug in any way. With professional rug cleaning, you can be sure that your rug would be dirt free quickly!

The next step is washing. Your rug may be Persian or ordinary, it could have a straight weave or a crisscross one. Depending on the style of the rug, cleaners of Blue Paisley would wash your rug. They believe in giving personalized care to your rug and hand wash it.

Drying requires a lot of space which may not be possible to get in your house. Professional rug cleaners know exactly how to dry it to perfection, making sure that the rug does not get damaged by waterlogging.

If your rug is damaged in any way, professional rug cleaners can also help repair it with ease. They make sure they do it with the right equipment as they are trained professionals and can make your damaged rug look new!

Do you need professional rug cleaning services?

Anyone who wants to keep their rug, whether you have paid a fortune for it or a small amount, should get their rug professionally cleaned twice a year. This ensures a long life for your rug and a great return on investment.

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