Modern Rugs Toronto - Add Color, Texture, Interest and Space Definition to Your Room

Posted on December 13 2017

Modern Rugs Toronto - Add Color, Texture, Interest and Space Definition to Your Room

Modern Design is sleek, stark, and spacious with angular and geometric lines. As the look for contemporary design is escalating so is the demand for modern home décor accessories. Modern area rugs can add color, texture, interest, and space definition to your decor. In the past, customers, who desired modern rugs, found it difficult to find one that fits their requirements. However, today a growing number of rug companies are manufacturing modern rugs and more stores are in turn stocking modern rug designs. Fortunately, the buyer is not just restricted to jaded colors with abstract patterns. Today, modern rugs Toronto range from solid color modern rugs, stripes modern rugs, circle modern rugs, animal print modern rugs and many more. Additionally, a wide variety of modern rugs are replicated from famous artist's paintings.

A number of rug manufacturers are producing rug designs with a central focus on modern rug design. Modern rugs Toronto collection has been cited as the importer, who sets the trends in modern rugs offering modern rugs that are directed towards both the price conscious customer as well as the high-end market. These modern rugs have been richly rewarded "Best New Product" award - three times at different Home Textiles Show. Exquisite Rugs carries the entire modern rugs Toronto collection ranging from machine-made modern rugs to hand tufted modern rugs and hand knotted modern rugs.

Modern rugs, which has appropriately been recognized time and time again with America's Magnificent Carpet Award offers an array of modern rug collection. Many of these modern rugs are inspired by twentieth-century decorative arts, 1910's Vienna secession, 1930's Art Deco and 1950's Abstract Expressionism. Modern rugs have a variety of contemporary rug designs in handmade 100% wool construction. Some of these modern rugs are hand carved giving these rugs an interesting texture. Exquisite Rugs stocks these highly popular modern rugs that are a must buy for contemporary design enthusiasts.

Contemporary style is simple and refined using color schemes to their effect rather than their coordination. Use solid color rugs with interesting textures and patterns to complement other furniture and accessory pieces. These solid palette modern rugs depict clean lines and style in a contemporary look that is today. These kinds of rugs complement high-end contemporary or informal setting and they are handmade in India from excellence Indian wool.

The metro modern rug collection with its minimalist forms and exquisitely refined details is fresh and appealing. These modern rug Toronto with their neutral base colors, tone on tone designs and the slight trace of color are a hit with interior designers as well as customers alike. The underlying straightforwardness of line, shape, as well as form, makes them hot sellers.

The modern rugs offered by Exquisite Rugs exhibit structure, proportion and preferences for geometric shapes and intense color.

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