4 Ways To Clean Your Rug

Posted on January 23 2018

Rugs are an accessory for your house and help decorate your homes. They add a little splash of style to your room. Rugs are softer to stand on and are always much better than standing on a hardwood floor. During the winter, rugs can even serve as a source of warmth for your feet. They also help with reducing echo in a room. They also create a friction and prevent any slips and falls that might happen. Rugs are beneficial to improving your home décor. They are an asset to the style and comfort statement of your home.

Keeping in mind all the benefits rugs have, rug cleaning Toronto can be hard. Nobody can anticipate when the rug might be covered with dust. You could be having a party and someone might spill wine on your precious rug. Rug cleaning Toronto can be made easier with a few tips and tricks. There are a lot of products available online as well as in retail local markets which can help in rug cleaning Toronto. The removal of bacteria and other harmful substances that have gathered in your carpet can be removed with the help of rug cleaning Toronto.

Rug cleaning Toronto can be done all year round. Here are a few reasons why:

  • TO PROLONG THE LIFE OF THE RUG: Vacuuming the rug daily can help get rid of the dust particles. But rug cleaning Toronto is not complete until all the small particles and debris left in the rug are properly removed. It doesn’t take much for the nylon fibers present in the rug to fray. Rug cleaning Toronto on a yearly basis can help prolong the life of the rug and preserve it.
  • DUST AND BACTERIA REMOVAL: Rug cleaning Toronto helps in making sure that the dust is completely cleared from your rug. The bacteria present in the rug may cause harm to you and the residents of the home. Dust particles tear the fibers apart and reduce the life span of the rug. The bacteria present can create odors and make the air unhealthy. This is why rug cleaning Toronto is important. Your pets and children may sit on the rug and inhale these harmful bacteria. To prevent this rug cleaning Toronto must be done on a yearly basis. Even if it is in the office, rug cleaning Toronto must be done in a periodical manner.
  • STAIN REMOVAL: The rug may be subjected to a lot of spills. These can be wine stains, salsa or anything. These stains mar the appearance of the rug and are tough to remove. Regular rug cleaning Toronto can ensure that the stains are cleaned periodically, and the appearance of the rug is maintained. The rug can be cleaned with stain removal products easily available in retail outlets. It is preferable to give the rug to professional companies for rug cleaning Toronto. The professionals can remove these stains completely with perfection and make the rug look as good as new.
  • Rug Cleaning Toronto Tips and Tricks:

    1. Regular vacuuming:

    The primary objective of rug cleaning Toronto is to remove the dust and mites present in the rug. The dust and mites cause harm to basic hygiene of your home. They are also the cause of nylon fibers getting torn as the dust particles tear them. Rug cleaning Toronto on a periodical basis must involve regular vacuuming. Vacuuming must be done at least twice in a week. It has several health benefits and rug cleaning Toronto with the help of vacuuming is an important task. There are various kinds of rugs and each rug has a different way of being vacuumed.

             Woven Rugs: These kinds of rugs have three kind of pile directions: heavy pile, thin pile or no pile. Pile direction refers to the density of the vertical fibers protruding from the rug. The vacuuming must be done perpendicular to the pile direction of the rug. During rug cleaning Toronto, the fringes and extra hangings must be avoided as they can get caught in the vacuum and may be ruined.

            Tufted Rugs: These rugs also have piles and the vacuuming and rug cleaning Toronto must be done perpendicular to the pile formation. These rugs contain latex layers. If the glue has come out and you can see the velcro of the rug, then the rug is weak, and you must be careful while cleaning the rug. The rug cleaning Toronto may be better for such a rug if we use a canister vacuum or one which only uses suction.

             Flat Weave Rugs: These rugs require more frequent vacuuming when compared to the other rugs. These rugs do not have a pile and are sturdy in nature. This causes the rug to shed more. Rug cleaning Toronto for this rug has to be done by vacuuming both sides of the rug. This helps increase the lifespan.

             Shag Rugs: These types of rugs are cleaned better when all the dust has been removed from deep inside them. This can be done by cleaning the underside of the rug first. The rug cleaning Toronto can involve shaking the rug vigorously and removing the dust particles in that manner. Any fringes, if present, must be avoided as they may get stuck in the vacuum. These rugs are better cleaned with beater bar and vacuum. You must make sure to vacuum the floor under the rug.

    2. Steam Cleaning:

    This method involves using water for rug cleaning Toronto. The steam is not the factor which cleans the rug, but the detergents applied to it. There is a pre-defined process for rug cleaning Toronto using steam.

             BEFORE: Before cleaning your rug with the help of steam, you must vacuum it thoroughly. All the dust and mites must be cleaned by the vacuuming process. All the stains must be removed before applying steam for rug cleaning Toronto. If the stains are not removed prior to the steaming process, the pads of the rug can be stained permanently and hence ruin your rug.

              PROCESS: The cleaning has to be done by using vinegar and hot water to remove all the grime which has collected on your rug. This grime is usually from your shoes. Products are available easily to help remove this oil-based grime. There are machines available to steam clean the rug. Rug cleaning Toronto must be done carefully with the help of the machine. The handling and operation of the machine for rug cleaning Toronto must be done with utmost care. The machine must be pulled slowly along the carpet to spread the steam evenly.

              AFTER: We must make sure that mildew does not set in. The rug needs to be dried properly before it is kept back in its place. It is preferable to perform rug cleaning Toronto via steam during periods when warm weather is prevalent as it helps in drying the rug faster. Windows can be opened to allow the rugs to dry faster. It is also possible to hang them out in the sun to dry and then put it back in its place. Rug cleaning Toronto via the steaming process must be done at least once a year to provide a thorough cleaning for the rug.

    3. Chemical Methods:

    This method is also known as dry extraction. Chemical methods of rug cleaning Toronto involve the usage of absorbents to clean the rug. They make use of very little water. This is mostly a dry and non-messy way for rug cleaning Toronto. Dry steam cleaners are expensive and if you are on a tight budget you can always get a professional cleaner to do this service for you. It is also possible to rent one of the cleaners from a company and do it yourself. These equipment are hard to handle and it is considered smarter to give a profession cleaner the job of rug cleaning Toronto. This is a more expensive method of rug cleaning Toronto when compared to other methods. This method of rug cleaning Toronto is more effective and hence the cost is worth the results. The compound can be applied during a normal day. The rug does not need to be removed and cause disruption in a daily routine as the absorbent can be applied and left till the work has been completed. The carpet needs to be vacuumed and given a little cleaning before the absorbent is applied. This is done in order to prevent the absorbent from mixing with the dust present and becoming completely useless.

    The solvent is given 5-10 minutes to rest and it is then extracted using compounds. This is known as “low moisture” method of rug cleaning Toronto. It can be done in a more clean and systematic manner with the right compounds and absorbents at a professional rug cleaning Toronto establishment. There are multiple methods using which the rugs can be cleaned. Professional cleaners have a good experience with all kinds of rugs and clean with perfection.

    4. Use rug shampoos to keep them clean and odor free:

    Rug cleaning Toronto can be done by using rug shampoos. You can create an outdoor station where you can clean the rug with enough space. You will need to first test how your rug reacts to your shampoo. You can test this by applying the shampoo to a small corner of the rug and then watching the changes or damages caused by the shampoo. If there are none, you can proceed with the rug cleaning Toronto process. The rug needs to be vacuumed first. After removing the dust mites, you will need to make sure that all the stains are removed. This can be done by employing stain removal detergents and other such agents. After these steps have been completed, you can proceed to the next step of cleaning the rug with a rug shampoo. The shampoo must be applied lightly to the rug and then the rug must be rinsed thoroughly. Shampoo residue must not remain in the rug after the rug cleaning Toronto process has been completed. The rug must be thoroughly dried and then only taken back inside. Care must be taken to not expose it too much to the sun as this can cause damage to the rug. The shampoo that is being used must be chosen carefully. It is preferable to use the ones made for your rug type. The usage of own formulas and concoctions must be avoided as this can harm the rug and damage it’s fibers.

    Rug cleaning Toronto is an arduous process. There are many professional companies in Toronto that offer wonderful services. Rug cleaning Toronto methods like steaming, dry cleaning, etc., can all be done in one place. Your rug can provide many benefits and up the style quotient of your home. There are many “do it yourself” methods such as using toothpaste to clean stains, blotting stains, using detergents to help in the rug cleaning process. These methods are not full proof but can be employed in times of emergency. It is said that cleaning the stains as soon as possible will reduce the damage to the rug. The above methods of rug cleaning involve using a lot of water. We must make sure to let the rug dry properly otherwise it could be a host for mildew. It may also create a haven for bacteria and harm the hygiene of your house. We may see a lot of products which guarantee the removal of stains and bacteria present. These can turn out to be harmful for the rug. It is necessary that we use a limited amount of products on the rug. We must never use any products without testing them first. Prevention is always better than cure. We must take care to avoid damaging the rugs with stains as much as possible. Removing our slippers also helps increase the life span of the rug. Maintaining the hygiene of the rug helps keep your children and pets safe and keeps your home clean and stylish.

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