Are you considering dry cleaning for your rugs? Is that a good option?

Posted on May 01 2019

Are you considering dry cleaning for your rugs? Is that a good option?

Rugs make a home beautiful and stylish. Cleaning them can be quite a task.

Rug cleaning cannot be done at the dry cleaners. It is a big NO. Rug cleaning requires knowledge of the material of the rug and how to treat it. Vintage rugs cannot be put through a machine most of the time and require delicate care. They have to be given to a professional rug cleaning service center like Blue Paisley.

Why is dry cleaning bad for your rug?

There are plenty of reasons why dry cleaning service is bad for your rug. Here are a few:

  • Chemicals
  • Machine wash irrespective of material
  • Subcontracting
  • Health risks

Rug cleaning requires precision and care, whereas these services just rinse and wash them with chemicals and other harmful detergents. This may cause the pile of the rug to be damaged and even cause your rug to retain the residue of the powder.

Vintage and oriental rug cleaning services are usually done by hand and with extreme care. In dry cleaning joints, they are simply washed like any other clothing. This doesn’t help them get clean at all and could also damage your expensive rug beyond repair.

Some dry cleaners do not even perform the rug cleaning services themselves; they simply hand it over to someone else and the owner runs the risk of the rug being destroyed and lost because of the lack of knowledge about rugs.

Moreover, since the rugs tend to retain the residue, this could cause lots of damage to the quality of air in your home and promote chances of diseases to you and your loved ones. This is why rug experts consider it better to go for professional rug cleaning services.

What do professional rug cleaning services have to offer?

The benefit of submitting your expensive and stylish rug to a professional service center for cleaning is the expertise. You are handing over your rug to people who know what they are doing and will handle your rug with extreme care and professionalism.

The washing process at these professional rug cleaning centers is curated to match the needs of your rug and will definitely be more effective and healthy when compared to rug cleaning services from a dry cleaners. The process would involve cleaning and washing of the rug with personalized treatments and even any personal inputs you had given.

Rug cleaning services like Blue Paisley even specialize in rug repair services. Which means your rug can be more than just fresh when it takes a trip to the rug cleaning service center. The rugs are repaired by experts who understand the materials, the piles, the fringes and all other aspects of the rug with utmost excellence.

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