7 Tips to care for your Area Rug!

Posted on May 15 2018

Area rugs in Toronto are a popular purchase.  They can help change the look of your home and add a burst of color and aesthetics as well.  But an area rug is a delicate article of furniture and must be cared for on a regular basis. Toronto residents usually prefer cleaning services to take care of the rugs. While a cleaning service does definitely improve the rug and contribute to its life, it is important to care for your rug manually. Following are a few tips on how this can be done;

  1. Vacuum the dirt away.
    Basic vacuuming can actually contribute to cleaning your area rug in a big way. Cleaners in Toronto say that basic vacuuming allows you to ensure that the rug is free of dust and does not allow the accumulation of unhealthy fungus.
  2. Know what your rug is made of.
    Every area rug in Toronto is not of the same kind. There are different fabrics used in Toronto and they all require different types of care. It is most beneficial to keep the tag on the back of your rug to know the construct and make and care accordingly.
  3. Wet but don’t hang!
    Area rugs can be washed and cleaned manually or in the washing machine if the tag says they are washing machine friendly. It is not advisable to hang your rug on a clothesline as this can affect the shape of your area rug.
  4. Get it cleaned professionally once every year.
    It is highly advisable to get your area rug cleaned from a professional service in Toronto. This can extend the life of your rug and provide a deep cleaning to it. If it is placed in a place which is used very frequently then you can get it cleaned twice a year to maintain it.
  5. Rotate to save!
    Area rugs are prone to fading. Sunlight from windows can remove the color of your area rug from one side and cause you area rug to be different looking on different sides. Rotating your rug periodically can help you evenly distribute the damage. Rotating your rug evens out the fading and makes it look similar on all sides.
  6. Cleaning stains on the spot is best!
    There have obviously been instances where you may have spilled a little of your favorite wine on your rug while having a good time and decided to clean it all up later. This is a huge mistake. Letting a stain settle makes it harder to remove it when you want to. You must at the very least wipe it with a wet cloth so that the stain reduces and it is not so visible.
  7. Store it carefully!
    Caring for a rug when it is outside is just not enough. When you are storing your rug, make sure to have it professionally cleaned by a Toronto specialist and dried and then wrap it properly and store it in a place without sunlight so it stays new and fresh.

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