Kerman Rugs (Carpets)

Posted on March 23 2018

Kerman Rugs (Carpets)

The city of Kerman is the capital of Kerman province. Its population in 2011 was 823,374 with 21, 389 households making it the 10th most populated city in Iran. It is located south of Tehran (Capital of Iran) on a large flat land. Kerman City is the largest and most developed city in the province and the most important city in southeast Iran.

Kerman Rugs

Kerman is famous for its history and strong cultural heritage. For instance, Kerman carpets. Persian rugs are named after the city in which they are made and are considered traditional Persian rugs. Kerman has been a major center for production of high quality rugs since at least the 15 century. In 1800, some authors considered Kerman rugs as the finest amongst Persian rugs due to its high quality wool.

The master weavers have been creating variety of patterns since Safavieh period (15 century). The patters are mostly floral, some with center medallion and some all over pattern. In response to the market demand, Kerman rugs have been using western motives, vase, symmetric, garden themes and pictorial designs.

The dye process for Kerman rugs took place while the wool was still in flock and before spinning, allowing for uniform color. The palette for Kerman rugs is as brilliant as it is varied. Tones can range from ivory, blue and magenta to more golden and saffron cast.

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