5 Rug Cleaning Hacks to Maintain Your Rug as Good as New

Posted on October 29 2017

5 Rug Cleaning Hacks to Maintain Your Rug as Good as New

Rug Cleaning in Toronto offers you a variety of choices to maintain your rugs. There are many professional services available for Persian rug repair and Modern rug cleaning in Toronto. As most of the spills and stains can be removed at home, there are many other rug cleaning routines that can only be done by a professional Modern Rug Cleaning or Persian Rug Repair Services in Toronto.The following are a few hacks every rug owner should know to maintain their Persian Rug or Modern Rug.

Alcohol and Soft drink Spills

Such spills can be a regular course in Toronto and are also easily removable. Prepare a solution containing one is to four ratio of vinegar and liquid dish detergent respectively. Add a quart of warm water and rug over the affected area. Spot blot the stain to dry and have your rug fresh looking again.

Coffee and Tea Stains

They can be quite prominent on Persian Rugs and require immediate cleaning. The above mix can do the job, if not consulting a professional Persian rug cleaning service in Toronto is advisable, as these stains can even reduce the economic value of your Persian Rug. In case of Modern Rug Cleaning, a shampoo wash at a rug cleaning in Toronto can be good enough.

Fat-Based Stains

Butter, curry and margarine stains are quite stubborn in nature. They are removed by using a dry-solvent spot carpet cleaner which can be available at any Modern Rug Cleaning in Toronto.

Gum and Wax residue

The hack here is to freeze and harden the gum or wax by placing a bag of ice cubes over it. Once it's hardened, you can scrape it off using a spoon or a butter knife. In case of any residue left, a Modern Rug Repair or a Persian Rug Cleaning in Toronto can be visited to maintain your rug as good as new.

Paint Stains

When it comes to acrylic paints, you can remove them with the help of liquid dishwasher solution until its still wet. In case the stain remains, dabbing alcohol over it can help. In case of oil-based stains, an odorless mineral spirit is used but is made careful not to soak in till the back side. A Persian Rug Cleaning or Modern Rug Cleaning in Toronto or any other Rug Repair in Toronto can be your best choice.

Routines at Blue Paisley Toronto

Blue Paisley is one of the oldest stores in this industry having an experience of more than three decades. They are well rehearsed will their Modern rug repair and Persian rug cleaning routines such as pile shearing, shampoo soaking, abrashredying, torn rug restoration and also provide rug rentals to cover all your big occasions. They are a traditional Persian Rug Store, now offering fine modern rugs and customized rugs too. They are a one-stop shop for all your Rug queries and services in Toronto.



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