Persian Rugs-How To Maintain Guide

Posted on November 26 2017

Home Decor

Rugs play the important role in home decor. Rug anchor the room, define it and add warmth and add beauty to the room and home. Adding a rug to a room that lacks excitement, and it's sorted. The rug is a good enough reason to decorate home.  Rugs make the room and home fascinated.


Rugs should be clean regularly. As it has one more benefit, it is hygienic to have a rug in the room for small kids. For kids, it is essential to get it clean so that the dust does not affect the kids.  Rug cleaning should be done regularly.

There are so many different ways to decorate with a rug, and that is as follows: -
  • Use rugs to define areas – use rugs to separate areas, such as in a living room, dining room and in kid’s bedroom. Rugs add beauty to the large or big apartments or in the studio apartments.
  • Create variety – when you use rugs to create variety then rugs compliment each other in style. You can use different sized rugs to create a sense of variety.
  • Create harmony – creating the rug in equal sized pattern and different styles make décor pleasant but if you mismatch the pattern it will look unpleasant and it will take away the sense of harmony.
  • Create a focal point – it will make a huge impact and you can paint the walls in such a way which makes it more beautiful and attractive.
  • Create good shapes – rectangle, square, circle and with lot other patterns.

Maintaining Persian Rugs

Persian rug cleaning carries professional cleaning of hand-knotted rugs. Persian rug cleaning majorly focusses on handmade rugs, giving you peace of mind that the rug will be taken good care. They have experience of many years, they are professionals so trained and they take so good care of rugs. Persian rug cleaning gives the expert advice on the level and intensity of cleaning which makes clear that what all process your rug will go through. Before starting the cleaning process, they go through few consultations process to explain what can be expected from the cleaning of your rug.

Stage of Cleaning: -

  • Consultation
  • Removing of dust
  • Spot cleaning
  • Cleaning of spots
  • Shampoo and cleaning
  • Extraction
  • Drying
  • Hand-finishing

The benefits of using Persian rug cleaning system is that it clean rugs and carpets in the home also. Firstly, and most importantly, the steps they take to remove hard and ingrained dirt and dust before cleaning is actually the most important step in the Persian rug cleaning process and is completely supervised by their team. Without proper dusting, the best that can be achieved is a surface wash. Of course, when having your Persian rug cleaned it is important for the rug to look fresher, however, the health of the rug has got to be the priority. It is this fine dust and dirt that wears away at the foundation of the carpet, damaging the fibers of their foundation over time. Without removing this, the rug is not truly clean and the lasting benefits to its lifespan are not gained.

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