Persian Rug Patterns in Designer Fashion

Posted on February 15 2015

Persian Rug Patterns in Designer Fashion

I’ve always been a fan of fashion and design, and for years I have wondered why there aren’t more designs and patterns from Persian carpets incorporated into other industries.  It seemed only logical. With all these colours and designs to choose from the designer would already be one step ahead. All they would have to do is bring these ancient patterns onto fabric.

Well, this week my question was answered by none other than Hermes. Their new line of aptly called “Tabriz” collection incorporates fundamental colours and designs found in Persian rugs from the Azarbaijan province. Geometric floral patterns with deep solid colours, mixed in with other Persian motifs, like the hunter on horseback.

With historic rug weaving cities in the Azarbaijan region, such as Tabriz and Heriz, there is no shortage of vibrant deep colours and intricate designs. The new collection from Hermes focuses predominantly on the geometric patterns found in this region and successfully integrates the designs into various fabrics for use in dresses, pants, tops, and even socks!

The world of design is moving towards more pattern and what better influence than Persian carpets with their huge variety of colours and designs. What other designs will we see transformed into other mediums? Perhaps we will see these Persian rug patterns work their way into curtains, upholstery, and various other fabric products.

For now, this new fashion trend is a tribute to the work and effort of generations of weavers and rug designers from Iran. Where it will go in the future is unpredictable but definitely interesting to look out for. To get a glimpse into the fashion designer’s mind, take a look at our rug collections for inspirations of your own. Never fear setting creativity loose. 

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