Why Should We Use Under Pad under Rugs in Toronto

Posted on October 29 2017

Why Should We Use Under Pad under Rugs in Toronto

Rugs are very popular in Toronto. Rug stores in Toronto are stocked with many types of rugs which have both, the antique value and the fashion touch, they are

  1. Persian Rugs of Iran
  2. Modern Rugs
  3. Vintage Rugs

Antique rugs of Toronto

All the rug stores in Toronto would not have the answer to this question about Toronto rugs. Toronto rugs should have rug pads for many reasons. Even the Persian rug stores which also have modern rugs at their stores, do have rugs that have an under pad. Be it area rugs or vintage rugs or Antique rugs of Toronto, all have under pads since under pads under rugs have been in use for a very long time, though not at the very beginning when rugs were ever created. The usage of under pads in Toronto rugs by the rug stores of Toronto has a number of reasons. The following mentioned are the most obligatory reasons, why Persian rugs, Area rugs, Modern rugs, and other antique rugs in Toronto come with under pads


Most Toronto rugs have under pads that are a little bumpy, which can trap dust particles which are embedded in the Toronto rug. These bumpy structures also allow the flow of air between them, hence creating a vacuum and free flow of air in your Persian rug or the Toronto rug you possess. The other cleanliness aspect of the red pads used by the rug stores in Toronto is that they prevent any liquid spill on your Toronto rugs to reach the carpet or the floor beneath your rug.


An under pad structure is such that it sticks to both, the floor and the Toronto rug. So it prevents the shifting or the unnecessary movement of rugs when walked on. This is most important in Toronto when you place your Modern rugs or Toronto rugs on a hard surface or tied surface or modern wooden surfaces. To add more security you can also use a double-sided carpet tape for your under pads while attaching them to your Antique rug in Toronto.

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