Why should you invest In Persian Rugs?

Posted on October 18 2017

Persian rugs, also known as Iranian rugs, are rugs with heavy designs and decorations. It is made for a wide variety of purposes. It also reflects symbolism. In the rug belt of the traditional and lavish Oriental rugs, Persian rugs outperform its peers. Persian rugs are characterized by their specific weaving techniques, patterns and designs and the use of high-quality material. Persian rugs were woven originally by the nomadic tribes. Now, they are both woven by the tribes and are also in the manufacturing facilities, both being alike in quality. The Persian rug manufacturers in urban areas have a historic role in reviving the tradition of carpet weaving. Over the past decades, the Persian rugs have seen a sharp spike in their demand and so their values have appreciated. These are few of the reasons why you should invest in Persian rugs

Provide Comfort

The designs of the Persian rugs offer you greater comfort. Its dense fibers trap the warmth in it and also control the vibrations that arise out of floor thumping.

Unique Furniture

Having rugs at your place of residence makes it a luxury for the homeowner. Persian rugs which are the most exclusive rugs can be a unique addition.

Piece of Art

If you are fond of art, then a Persian rug could be a good investment for you, as Persian rugs are both pieces of ancient practiced art and offer great utility.

Economic Value

The important aspect of buying a Persian rug is that its value does not depreciate. On the other hand, it can appreciate as their age increases. In case of 70-year-old Persian rugs, they only have their antique value

High in Quality

The Persian rugs are complete only when they have the quality of standard. Persian rugs can have up to 1500 knots per square inch.

Here are some tips to be followed in order to buy the best Persian rug from your nearest dealer

  1. Check the density and the number of bumps when the rug is laid on floor.
  2. Ensure the symmetry, and check the dimensions.
  3. You cannot expect to buy an investment quality Persian rug for cheap. Seek some expert advice.

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